Wobblehead is a Sponsor-Driven, Fan Favorite & Collectible!

 Cheer, Support and Celebrate!

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  • is a life sized head photo of your favorite entertainer, athlete, mascot, manager or...
  • comes to life and wobbles 'side to side' with a slight hand motion


  • has a huge sponsorship surface on the back shakes in the direct sight of fans - makes this of strong interest to team & sponsors alike

Great for sponsors...
  • Visibility beyond any current promotional give-a-way
  • Over 50 inches of advertising space
  • Fans bring it back to events for additional eyeballs 
  • optional colors and deco for the 'Display Base' extends viewing at home and in the office

Great for fans...
  • Increases ability to cheer on your favorite personality in a game or concert setting
  • Get them autographed and collect them all!
  • Too hot? It's a personal shade or fan

What makes it special?

The motion!  As you hold your Wobblehead™, move your hand from side to side and the excitement builds! The Wobblehead™ is a must have collectible with a life size, high quality, photo headshot, cheer sign and a souvenir.  Just like the Angels Baseball mascot the Rally Monkey Mascot, cheer on your favorite athlete, celebrity, musician, friends or family!


On the reverse side, display sponsor logos or message, action photos, athlete stats, bios, team logo and league schedule. Cheer, Support, Celebrate!

The NBA's Denver Nuggets sponsor two Wobblehead promotions!
Pepsi Center Wobblehead Kenneth Faried
Gameface Wobblehead Night at the Denver Nuggets Pepsi Center with Kenneth Faried and Ty Lawson
The NBA team, the Denver Nuggets sponsor two Wobblehead promotional give a ways! Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried both share in the spot light with their own Wobblehead nights at the Pepsi Center. Century Link and The Nuggets Sponsored the NBA events!


Look to collect Wobbleheads at major sporting & entertainment events around the globe!

NBA Gameface Wobblehead
Blake Griffin- LA Clippers NBA Star


A Fun and Innovative sports and entertainment promotional product. 

NASCAR Gameface Wobblehead
Danica Patrick Wobblehead - NASCAR Driver
MLB Sponsored Promotion
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Rally Monkey
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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Wobbleheads
Wobblehead 'test' at Angels Stadium, a fan favorite!